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 To help emerging and established Wine Importers and Exporters build and manage successful brands, providing innovative solutions and exceptional service, while protecting the right of the African market by getting the best from the wine world. 

1. Wine Import and Export Consultancy: We give insider advice on the general model of Nigerian export services and laws to benefit both the Importer and exporter. 
a. Rules and laws concerning wine importation to Nigeria and other West African and South African Market.
b.  Costums and Tax laws implications 
c. Products to buy and necessary steps to take to insure prompt delivery
d. NAFDAC registration process (for Nigeria)

2. Tailored Marketing strategies: We have a team on ground in Nigeria and work closely with other african countries and their marketers whose main purpose is to be at the helm and core of the main markets in Nigeria and Africa. This gives an inside prospective and invaluable information to established and new wine exporters and importers who want to get ahead in the Immense wine market of Africa.
a. Grassroots survey and informations based on real life people
b. We maintain an extensive network of relationships in the alcoholic beverage industry and makes access to this network available to my clients 
c. We are multi lingual in the native languages of Africa and can develop easy accessibity to the mainstream and rural market.
d. Advice on proper marketing tools and need to know places to invest marketing funds for a successful branding campaign.

Negotiation support: provides negotiation support in transactions ranging from licensing and endorsement deals to joint ventures, strategic partnerships, exists, and more.
a. Introduction is the first part, we remain with our client every step of the way
b. while Transactions are being discussed and contracts agreed on.
c. Joint promotional ventures and continuity of the partnership

Media Promotion: We have created a platform where goods, services and brands can positively and precisely get in  touch with their end users.
a. Important Wine Events will be featured on our various media channels where we will focus on the best products and introduce new and exclusive products.
b. We will have fun wine tastings on our media channels to educate and debunk various wine myths and telling true stories of the wine world.
c. Chateaux Tours is a concept involving the life of  winemakers and people who live in these priviledged wine counties all over the world, the citylife, countryside, lifestyle and Nightlife.

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